White Eagle Native Herbs

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Why is a Medicine Man's herbal medicine so powerful?

For they have walked a very spiritual path of ridding themselves of as much negative emotion such as anger, jealousy, arrogance, and envy and live with the highest level of love, compassion and empathy. For this is how a "Healer" receives their "spiritual gifts". As it is our belief that the Creator manifest through us by the works of our hands; LOVE is the highest energy power of the Universe. A Medicine Man can use the high energy of LOVE & charge anything. Just by being around them people feel sickness, stress, & anguish leave their bodies for they operate with the higher energy of the Universal Creator. Anyone can make herbal formulas, but if a person has a tendency to be angry or full of the spirit of complaint; that energy will be part of that creation of their hands. That is why it is our belief that pharmaceutical (Pharma kea) is a form of sorcery; for it only brings darkness into the body and is not of Mother Earth therefore not natural. A true Medicine Man will only use "pure" herbs with no chemical additives.

What does it mean to "Come Full Circle"?

A Medicine Man's herbal formulas will repair the damage done to one's body caused by holding negative emotional energy from within; which overtime will manifest into disease. But one must then "Come Full Circle" to heal what has created the disease or otherwise in time it will only return. One must bring back BALANCE. It has been scientifically proven that DNA weakness such as "albinism" is caused by emotional pain & these weaknesses can even be transferred through ancestral lineage. Please note that the trees, plants, & animals carry the exact same DNA markers as humans; therefore they are too entitled to separate & equal station here on Earth or otherwise it will fall.

For example:

Diabetes means that "One has lost the sweetness in life". Therefore the emotional weakness has created a crack in the Aura of the body which has allowed a "parasite' to enter. Most diabetics also suffer from vision loss which means "One can no longer see joy in their future." Therefore one must take a "spiritual journey" from deep within and look at what has created the imbalance in their life and created the emotional weaknesses. We are all given "Free Will Choice" therefore we can either take a left path & stay in the darkness (or some choose to just pop a pill & just check out) or take a right path & find a way back to the light. Therefore, a Medicine Man must always respect the choice of which path a person choices for to interfere could result in taking on another's Karma. So taking the recommended herbal formulas with discipline is a responsibility of the individual.

How does one begin a "Spiritual Journey"?

It begins by one choosing to walk away from their "old" life in order to begin a "new"; which this includes walking away from the world of materialism & possessions. For most people will tell you that it is when their world is consumed with materialism & money that they begin to be enslaved and lose their dreams & passions in life. As the word clearly states these possessions begin to "possess" you. It is O.k. to have possessions as long as there is no emotional attachment such as arrogance, or envy for they make us only think of "I" and remove us from the family of humanity as "WE". We must also take a look at ourselves to see if we have are out of BALANCE with Mother Earth - what is one's carbon imprint on the planet? Please note that people who suffer from massive heart attacks have lost all love & joy in their lives & only care about money, wealth, & power.

Why is "Holistic Medicine" a way of life?

For it is our belief that one must connect mind, body, and spirit. Therefore when your body is giving you pain or sickness, it is only communicating that you have an imbalance taking place within your spirit. It will even communicate to you that the foods you eating are not good for you; therefore one must "Come Full Circle" to change their diets or addictive bad habits in order to maintain ultimate health.

Why is the Body's Aura (Energy Field) so important?

When you learn to practice Shamanism as a Medicine Man does and live in that highest vibration of love; you will find that sickness and pain will become almost non-existence other than the negative energy that is transferred by others when they throw out anger or jealousy. A true Medicine Man can sense a person's aura and tell them exactly where the negative energy of pain or disease is located. Most people who have

X-rays or lab results are shocked for without disclosing the results they are amazed at how accurate and even more precise a Medicine Mans findings are.

How do you clear the negative energy you get from others?'

It is referred to as being "Spiritually Clean"; which doesn't mean you have to be a saint, for I know a few Shaman who use curse words like sailors. It is accomplished through meditation, spiritual smudging (usually with sage & sweet grass) and by taking ancient herbal clearing baths on a regular basis which consist of meditation & prayer; detoxing on a regular basis is a must! Many people who claim to be healers are usually very sick for they do not practice spiritual clearing, but rather transfer negative energy is passed from one person to another by touch. "GROUNDING" with Mother Earth daily through Nature is very important.

What are methods of "Grounding" with Mother Earth?

By taking off those rubber sole shoes that prevent you from grounding. Get barefoot in the grass or the dirt and meditate. Sit by a tree or on a boulder for their energy will ground you as well. Medicine Men also perform "Spiritual Clearings" using crystals, and other stones that are charged with LOVE energy that remove all negativity from the body. People complain that the price is high for the clearing, but a Shaman is at risk of taking on another person's demonic possession including death when the entities are cleared from the body.

Is it true that Medicine Men heal from the "Spiritual Realm"?

It is what is referred to as "Leaving in Spirit". Most people who have had this experience state that the Medicine Man will come to them in their sleep & that they become so relaxed that they felt semi-paralyzed. It was then said that it felt like a digital scanner moving across the affected area. The next day all pain and sickness was gone and the person's energy level boosted. A few red marks appeared at the site, but was gone within 24 hours.

Why is there so much pain & suffering in the world today?

Maybe it is our Creator's way of showing us that we are truly the Creators of our own misery; and maybe we need to feel what it is that we have done to one another by choosing hatred rather than love. And maybe this is all necessary so that we realize just how fragile LOVE is:

What Herbal Formula Remedies are available?

All plagues & diseases - Leprosy, Black Plague, SARS, all Cancers, AIDS/HIV, Ebola, Small Pox, Vision, Hearing & Speech Impediments, Tumor Removal, Seizures, Arthritis & degenerative disease, Pain, and much more.

The Native Way. . . To Spiritual Bathing

BY: Oshawanna - Tribe of Blackfoot, Bidais

The all natural herbal baths for all of Medicine Man White Eagle’s clearing baths are recipes that date back to the ancient Egyptian era. Spiritual bathing is a time that one allows themselves for spiritual clearing, healing & renewal. It is a quiet time for meditation & prayer.

Preparations for the bath:

  • Set the mood for the bath by lighting candles and burning incense in your bathing area if bath is done indoors. Outdoor baths are best in sunlight, for the sun energy helps in removing all negative energy.
  • Fill the bathtub with warm water then add your bottle of herbal clearing bath then add 3 tablespoons of baking soda.
  • If suffering from pain and/or body aches you may add Epson salts as well to the bath water; however the clearing baths remove pain as well.
  • If you like the effects of healing crystals or stones, you may add them to your bath as well.

How to properly meditate:

  • Close your eyes and take deep breaths in and breathe out very slowly each time imagining that you are relaxing your body to a deeper & deeper state.
  • Once you are in an extremely relaxed state focus your hearing on a sound such as a fan.
  • Turn the wheels of your mind off and just listen. This is what the Natives refer to as going to the “Great Void” for spiritual guidance.
  • Or you can use a You Tube guided meditation on an IPAD if you prefer, one I would recommend is “Chakra Healing & Balancing” by Frequency 21

Dunking of the head in the water:

  • Dunk your head under the water and hold for a count of 10 seconds. Repeat for a total of 7 dunks.
  • Then repeat the process, but build up to holding your breath under the water for 20 seconds.
  • If possible lay back in the tub with head in the water for the rest of the bath keeping your face out of the water.

Prayers of Spiritual Warfare & Protection:

Read Psalms: 55-59; 91-93; 97 Read morning, noon, and night Isiah: 53-54

For best results:

For best results of the “Clearing Bath” it is recommended that you stay in for at least 2 to 4 hours if not longer depending on your current health condition & level of pain.

Spiritual bathing experiences:

People have many experiences while “Spiritual Bathing” for example if a woman has been sexually assaulted she might experience the need to bare down like in child labor for several minutes while the negative energy that was left behind by the rapist is expelled from the womb. Any pain experienced takes place while the negative energy is leaving the body. After the bath, many people have stated that they feel as “Light as a Feather”.