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YAHWEH (All plagues, viruses, fungus, & bacteria)

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An all natural herbal recipe that was given to Medicine Man White Eagle by the Great Spirit. This formula works for almost every disease such as Staph infection, Respiratory such as Corona Virus, Black Plague, Bluebonic Plague, Legionairres Disease, Small Pox, SARS, Lupus, all viruses, bacterias, & fungus, and contains immune system builders.  Anyone using this product does not get sick. Also eradicates fevers within 30 minutes and counter reacts bio-warfare such as anthrax and X-15 virus.  excellant for the new repiratory viruses that are drug resistant an that no anti-biotic can handle. the Yahweh formula will destroy any an all respiratory viruses quickly and save lives from the Corona viruses that have been killing thousands worldwide and the Yaweh Formula works quickly with the Maska Miakoda an the flem is radicated with the Super Kolen kleen! It is recomended to use all three to avoid an destroy the deadly viruses quickly! News media fails to reveal the truth to the American people!

100 High Powered Capsules

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