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Unbeatable with any over the counter pain cremes.An all natural herbal formula that eliminates pain from the body and will extract the poison from spider bites including the brown recluse spider and will stop the tissue rot from the poison. Removes varicose an spider veins. Excellant pain remover for brain cancer pain. Creme can be rubbed on forehead, temples, & back of neck to eradicate severe headaches. It can also be rubbed on stomach to eradicate a stomach ache. Eradicates varicose veins. Small amount can be applied below the nose to open air passages & sinuses within seconds. This is White Eagle's fastest top selling product with high demand & sold throughout the U.S. Beats any pharmaceutical pain killer. ON SALE - Buy a case of 12, get 2 jars free!

4 ounce jar

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