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WEKWENNAI (Tumor& Blood Clot Remover)


Extremely high powerful and all natural herbal formula that eradicates tumors & blood clots from the body. Starts eradicating tumors within minutes throughout the body, therefore diminishing the pain associated with larger tumors. disolving of most tumors are generally gone even the ones that were showing within (8 Eight minutes throughout  the entire body depending on the size. As treatment continues, pain gradually dissipates. within the short time of just minutes quick relief is availed.  Many people do not recognize the signs of tumors in the head the symtoms that are shown appear as sinus problems and stuffy noses and doctors do not diagnose these related problems, especially in the head.  there is a high pressure in the side of the head and front and back of the head. I am able to sense these problems and I am getting many people with tumors not just in the head but in the internal organs like the liver, the pancreas,the lungs, the male prostate and the intestinal tract. Im proud of my products, especially the tumor remover because it works quickly to disolve the tumors out of the body.  Ive used it successfully on many people.  many people have had the experiences of having surgery that is very dangerous and the patient in many operations has a bad outcome. Many become paralyzed for life and further if the tumors are cut out they allways grow out again. The hazards in poking a needle into a tumor for a biopsy is highly dangerous and a deadly procedure. Most patients that Ive seen died within a period of 30 days on the average even though that I specifically warned them of the procedure.  My product is highly powerful and Ive administrated in front of many witnesses as to how quickly the effects take place and eliminate the tumors in the entire body head to toe immediately along with the pain also.  The surgeans procedure is so dangerous that the physician has the patient sign a release form, in order not to have the liability an face future suits for malpractice.  alots of people actually cause the tumors to grow by having negative emotions such as anger. depression, etc.  then the pain arises.  As Ive said my formula is above and beyond any doctors remedies and supercedes any dangerous surgery and the greatess remedy that give the patient quick relief from pain and further its made from highly powerful herbs thats completely safe to use even on children and the patient wont risk being paralyzed and poisened by western medicine and having the regrowth of the tumors and with the natural remedy they will fill their energies pick up quickly.  Doctors from different parts of the states have come to see this medicine man an have been much surprised by the quick effects of his powerful medicine that works wonders with the super powered force within it.  This medicine man has never had any competition with any of the western chemical medicine nor of any top hospitals of this nation, like M.D. Anderson of Houston, Texas and Mayo Clinic. The medicineman beats any advance machinery of what the western modern medical doctors offer.  Without any question.  Medicineman has many patients come to see him from medical doctors that cant help the patients get well.  Also certified nurses from Odessa, Texas and other hospitals.  Cancer patients have come from M.D. Anderson because they werent able to obtain help. there.  The medicineman helps with all diseases and plagues and gives immediate relief and results quickly!

1 ounce - bottle an eyedropper 

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