White Eagle Native Herbs

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Who are we?

Medicine Man & Shaman - 

Mark White Eagle

Medicine Man & Shaman Mark White Eagle has been healing people for generations.  He was not  taught the traditional way by other Native medicine people but rather received his "spiritual gifts" direct from the Great Spirit at a very young age.  This is more commonly known as a spiritual hierarchy of ancestral gifts being passed down due to his ancient royal bloodline. Medicine Man White Eagle  is connected to the "Universal Knowledge" which is how he has obtained all recipes for his herbal formulas. He has walked a very "spiritual journey" of living in the highest vibration of LOVE & COMPASSION which has earned him all "spiritual gifts" of the Great Spirit.  His gifts allow him to eradicate disease, plagues, & pain with thought of mind using the Great Spirit's energy.  White Eagle has eliminated blindness, flesh eating bacteria, crippling degenerative disease, asthma, seizures, diabetes, cancers, psoriasis, strokes, leukemia, bone cancer, organ cancer, leprosy, black plague, legionnaires disease and so much much more.

Why Us?

As written in the "Dead Sea Scrolls" when humankind is at it's greatest turmoil the lost tribes will step forward with their ancient knowledge & teachings in order to assist their brothers & sisters of humanity.