White Eagle Native Herbs

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Grandfathered Medicine Man & Shaman Mark White 

Eagle is registered with the Department of Interior & 

Bureau of Indian Affairs as a Sovereign Native Indian 

of the North American Continent & of the Shoshone

Nation. It is White Eagle's mission to educate the One

people of humanity in his ancient teachings & 

knowledge  in order to bring physical & spiritual healing

bconnecting mind, body, & spirit which brings well-

being & optimum health. 

Medicine Man Consultations

Medicine Man White Eagle has a "spiritual gift" where he can sense the aura of the body to determine where negative energy & disease exist.  People who have had prior lab work & x-rays are amazed at how accurate & even more thorough his abilities are compared to medical technology.  He then provides a, list of herbal formulas & supplements to remedy any plague, disease, and pain.

Medicine Man Spiritual Clearings

Medicine Man White Eagle is one of the few who have 

the Native ancient rock knowledge which is used in 

"spiritual clearings" of excessive disease & pain as well as casting out demonic entities from the physical body.

He also uses feathers from the eagle, hawk, owl, & 

vulture as well as turtle & gourd rattles, badger claws,

kachina dolls, spirit animals, mineral elements, Indian 

spirits, as well as access to the angels of the 7

heavens. Spiritual clearings restore balance & harmony back to the body & spirit.

Medicine Man Native Herbs

Medicine Man White Eagle uses only the purest
unadulterated fine herbs for all his herbal formulas. A medicine man's herbal formulas are the most powerful due to they  have walked a spiritual path of living in the highest vibration of LOVE & COMPASSION. White Eagle uses his "spiritual gift" of working with the Great Spirit's energy to charge all formulas & products with the highest of LOVE vibrational energy which is the ultimate power of the universe & promotes miraculous healings. Medicine Man White Eagle has formulas to eradicate all plagues, diseases, & pain. 

Native Spiritual Bathing

Medicine Man White Eagle received special herbal 

recipes direct from the Creator.  These recipes date back to our ancient Egyptian ancestors who used these spiritual baths to eradicate the great plagues of their era. He has made baths to eradicate cancer, radiation, leprosy & other plagues, diseases, & pain. Spiritual bathing is a time that one gives themselves in order to meditate & pray while removing all negative energy from the physical body leaving one as light as a feather & ultra sensitive.

Native Spiritual Smudging & Blessings

Medicine Man White Eagle uses ancient Native traditions

of calling on the spirits of sacred plants such as 

sage & sweet grass to remove negative energies 

from the physical body and one's environment in 

order to restore balance. All natural incenses & his special formula he calls "Magic Oil" changes negative energy of the wearer to positive energy vibrations that removes stress & brings dramatic changes. Smudging & blessings are most commonly used in all Native ceremonies of honoring our Earth Mother.